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A piece of history

'None finer in all this Northern Country'

Billed in a 1916 newspaper clipping as "none finer in all this Northern Country," the Chippewa Valley Mercantile -- soon to be home to the Market on River -- was a point of pride for Chippewa Falls. In its newest era, we are embarking on a transformative journey to create a place where history, innovation, and community converge.

There is no doubt this is a major win for WFU and the entire Chippewa Falls community. 

Brad Hentschel, Chippewa Falls City Planner

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Special thanks to Kip Rubenzer and Tiffany Wogahn of Old Chippewa Falls Wisconsin for their research contributions on the mercantile history. 
Chippewa Falls is our historic home and we want to help restore vitality to both the community and to Wisconsin family farms through our efforts. We are so excited about the future.

Julie Keown-Bomar

Executive Director, Wisconsin Farmers Union 

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